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 Posted: Fri Jul 7th, 2006 04:17 pm
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I cannot argue with that sentiment David and I am certainly guilty (to a certain extent) of presenting that perspective in my own bios. No one can defend the institution of slavery in good conscience and I would be a twit to try. However, as a Presbyterian (and please don't misunderstand as I am NOT trying to inject a religious debate here), I can fully understand the rationale in Jackson's philosophy towards predestination and will. I have not written or studied Lee (in a Christian sense) like I did with Jackson and Stuart, so I cannot comment intelligently on his specific doctrines of faith, but if one believes that God's will is a central force that drives our earthly existence, then to believe that many of man's sins (including slavery) were destined for a greater cause is entirely logical. The moral conflict of the ownership of another human being is still there and to deny it would be ridiculous, but I personally believe that these were men who were decent and compassionate patriots, who shared a distaste for war, wrestled with their consciences, and conducted themselves with honor.

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