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 Posted: Wed Aug 20th, 2008 09:29 pm
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I argue: Presidential leadership of the 1850's led to our Civil War in 1861.

Our nation was led by some of it poorest presidents in history during the 1850's. lets look at each one:

Fillmore: Appeasement describes the presidents time in office. All this man did along with Senator Douglas was appease the southern slave interest time and time again with the Compromise of 1850 to the Fugitive slave act.

Pierce: He brought us "popular sovereignty"and with this the Kansas Nebraska Act which led to Bleeding Kansas and open the west to slavery. He again sympathies with the South Slave interest.

Buchanan: He wanted to avoid the issue by conspiring with Chief Justice Taney on the Supreme Court to Appease the southern slave interest with the Dred Scott ruling open the west to slavery. He sat like Nero and watched our nation dissolve and did nothing to stop the south from seceding.

None the these presidents were from the south but all wanted to appease the southern slave interest and never learned from past presidents examples that when secession is threaten then a line must be draw in the sand.

These presidents appeasement behaviors embolden the secessionist moment in the 1850's which led to our Civil war in 1861.

We call the Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Act, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act compromises but they were appeasements to the people who wealth came from slavery.

Every time the Southern leaders would never satisfied with these appeasement always whining for more.

Appeasement never works against vile behavior like slavery only drawing a line in the sand and making a stand on values works...

When our presidents are ranked by historians these three always ranked in the bottom ten..

Leadership does matter!!

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