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 Posted: Thu Aug 21st, 2008 02:32 am
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Texas Def,

I will bring up the fact that Buchanan and Taney knew each other well for they were both from Davidson. Buchanan wanted a court decision to support his views and Taney gave it to him in the Dred Scott decision.

Z. Taylor before his death and in so many words threaten the Southern leaders if they act to secede, he would lead the U.S. Army against those who acted to seceded. Z. Taylor does not get high marks as President but he was against the Compromise of 1850 and would stop any state from seceding by force, just like Jackson.

The men that followed Z. Taylor chose to appeased the slim balls for the Southern Slave interest and all those slim balls did was whine for more....If those men had threaten to use force as Taylor and Jackson did and stop their appeasement path the Civil War would never had happen.  

Leadership and drawing a line in the sand against the Southern Slave interest was needed by those Presidents in the 1850's not appeasement. If the Southern Slave Lords understood the secession would not be tolerated by those those presidents of the 1850's secession would have never been an option.

Texas Def, you are unclear at what these appeaser presidents did to stop the Southern Slave interest from tearing apart our nation. History tells us appeasing the Southern Slave Lords led our nation in war...


A few thoughts...






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