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 Posted: Thu Aug 21st, 2008 03:13 am
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  First of all, Roger Taney did not: "deliver" the Dred Scott decision to President Buchanan. The vote was 7-2, and the Chief Justice's vote didn't count any more than any other justice. If the vote had been 6-3 or 5-4, it would not have mattered.

  President Taylor might have been against the Compromise of 1850, but Whig opposition didn't stop it. It was enacted in September of 1850, two months AFTER Zachary Taylor died.

  Your diatribe about southern " slim balls" (slime balls?) is juvenile. The southerners sought the expansion of their system westward in order to try to maintain the political balance of power.

  Apparently, your only answer to what the presidents of the 1850s should have done is to threaten the use of force. You seem to think that intimidation would have been the answer to the problem.

  I would repeat my contention that none of the presidents of the period could have solved the problem of sectional differences. The southerners were not going to be forever cowed by those threatening to use force against them. The idea that the Civil War could have been stopped by the threat of military action is absurd on its face because eventually the Civil War DID take place in spite of Mr. Lincoln's determination and willingness to use force to resist secession.

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