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 Posted: Thu Aug 21st, 2008 01:27 pm
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22 things guys should know about girls

1.) If she calls more than 3 times within a 4 hour time span, she's not just calling to talk- she's calling because she wants to hear your voice.
2.) She may smile and seem interested when you talk about your girlfriend, but if she really likes you, on the inside, she's screaming.
3.) No girl will ever admit to being too skinny.
4.) If a girl makes herself available to talk to you at all hours, she's either fallen for you or your girlfriend.
5.) When a girl whines and complains about her parents, she's not trying to whine and complain; she's just trying to relieve her stress to someone she thinks cares.
6.) Every girl wants to be dreamed about.
7.) Just because she smiles at your jokes doesn't mean they're funny.
8.) We enjoy staying in groups with our friends; we really, really like the buddy system. So, if you're anxious talking to a girl when she's in 'pack mode', just wait until her and a friend leave the group- that's when she's the easiest to talk to.
9.) Girls won't wait on someone to love them forever. Eventually, we get tired and move on, so if you like her too, tell her.
10.) We may say we don't get jealous, but we all are.
11.) If a girl offers to help you with something without you asking, she either likes you or she likes you.
12.) Talking to guys is a major thing; most of the time, we rehearse everything we could possibly say in our heads to make sure it sounds fine.
13.) Pick up lines are terrible. Girls hate them, even if they are funny.
14.) If a girl spends more than an hour putting on make up, she's self-absorbed and self-concious.
15.) Dating a guy who stresses over everything we do only stresses us out even more.
16.) A girl's biggest fear is being rejected. If you're going to say no, at least be friendly about it- never, ever just say no and walk away.
17.) If a girl catches you looking at her, she's immediantly wondering about it. It's like, 'Why is he looking at me?' or 'I wonder what he's thinking...' But stare at her too often and she's apt to feel uncomfortable around you.
18.) We don't intentionally mean to be bitchy. We're just overloaded with stuff and that's how it comes out.
19.) Girls are very fickle. One day we may say that we like that red and black shirt, but tomorrow we might just hate it. It's just the way we are.
20.) We a girl calls a guy for the first time, she may sound cool and collected, but she's really freaking out inside. It's like, "OMG, what the hell do I say?!!! WHAT DO I SAY!?!?!?"
21.) If a girl calls you crying, it's because she trusts you to help her sort out her problems, whatever they may be.
22.) When a girl refuses to talk to you, you've messed up big time.

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