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 Posted: Thu Aug 21st, 2008 01:55 pm
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In general there was no leadership from either these Presidents or congress in the 1850's on the issue of slavery or on the preservation of the union.

I will give congress a pass but not the Presidents of that period. I our political system the President sets the tone, the political priorities, and any precedents on an issue. The nation follows the direction the President is leading the nation in.

Fillmore, Pierce, and Buchanan set tones of appeasement, set priorities of Slavery is Okay, and the precedent of cowing to whatever the secessionist want.
The direction they led our nation in was one towards Civil War.

These Presidents from what little I have read never preach about the preserving the Union.

These Presidents compromise not to solve a slavery issue but to satisfy the moment and pass the issue on to the next guy.

These Presidents fail any test of leadership!

These Presidents empowered the Abolitionist to fill the void in leadership on slavery and antagonised the north with their Compromises which always gave into slavery demands.

Appeasement did not work but setting limits are succession desires would have given the Southern Flesh Dealers understanding that secession is not an option that none of those Presidents ever did. Call it intimidation but Southern Slave Lords needed know the talk of secession was that talk and any action taken towards secession would be resisted at all cost.

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