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 Posted: Thu Aug 21st, 2008 05:15 pm
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The presidents of the 1850s were less than stellar, but they did not cause the problem of sectional differences, nor would they have been able to alter the result. Your idea seems to be that if they had taken on a bombastic tone (such as you have exhibited) and threatened violence at every point, that those in the south would have been submissive and allowed themselves to be dominated by the north.

  It should be apparent to you that the southerners were ready to fight for their independence when they felt that remaining part of the United States was no longer in  their interests. It should be obvious to you (but clearly isn't)  that if the threat

If you want to have this argument - fine. But the little comments in paenthesis are not needed and cross the line from commenting on the disagreement to commenting on the poster. Let's not do that - no good can come of it. 

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