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 Posted: Fri Aug 22nd, 2008 12:04 am
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I will only quibble with a few of your points.

Lee's Relationship with Davis lack any audacity in it...

Attacking during the Seven days if I remember right Johnston had retreated as far as one could, plus Johnston attacked first and Lee followup from there...

2nd Masseuses was a classic flanking move nothing usual..

Gettysburg was not about being audacious but taking the advantage of an opportunity which Lee did not create for himself but was created by happenstance..

North Anna was just ingenious..

Ft Stedman is up there with Pickett's charge as fool hearty.

I did agree with Chancellorsville Wilderness, and Sharpsburg only because I have been beaten up over Sharpsburg in the past. I do not thinking staying an extra day counts as audacious even if your army is max out. Think about Lee was facing McClellan, I bet McClellan wanted to retreat as well.

I hope I have dare you well enough to bring you around to my way of thinking. for one is audacious if one wins if not then just foolish...


Off to Quibble...





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