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 Posted: Fri Aug 22nd, 2008 12:13 am
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The Compromise of 1850 was the spark. In that moment of history it may have keep the union together to only plants the seeds of dissolution for later.

It is like the treaty of Versailles that ended WWI just to plant the seeds of WWII later.

If The Compromise of 1850, was just about how to divide the lands out west and ending the slave trade in Washington D.C., It would have been a good thing.

It was the Fugitive Slave Act part that makes the Compromise of 1850 a bad thing. This one law radicalised the North against slavery.

The Fugitive Slave law embolden the Abolishion moment.

The Fugitive Slave law invaded all parts of Northern society driving many people into the anti-slavery moment. Who wouldn't have other wise.

The Fugitive Slave law was like forcing Southern slavery values on the Northern people.

The Compromise Of 1850 with the attached Fugitive Slave Act radicalised the North against slavery as much as the south was radicalised for slavery. In ten years with both sides radicalised an unwilling to find a compromise anymore the only choices left was either dissolution or slavery had to go.

If you look at it the Compromise of 1850 with that one attachment ignites the fuse of our Civil War in the 1860's.

The radicalisation of the North is what led to the Civil War and the three Presidents and congress of the 1850's did not realize it. Their only concern was to appease the Southern Salve interest and ignoring Northern anger....




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