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 Posted: Sat Aug 23rd, 2008 01:59 am
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Hi 5fish,

I see your point, but personally, I don't think each decision a commander made during a battle or campaign has to be risky or daring for that commander to be considered an audacious commander. It's more about the overall pattern, in my opinion. I suppose it's open to interpretation. But in general, I do view Lee as a major-league risk-taker.

Speaking of Gettysburg, one of the long-standing beliefs seems to be that if Lee had pushed Meade's troops off of Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill on the first day, he would have won the battle, and with it, perhaps the war. Assuming he actually was able to capture those positions, he probably does win the battle. But it's a very different battle than the one we know about. And since Meade only had two corps engaged on July 1st, the decisive battle of the campaign will probably take place somewhere else. Perhaps Mine Creek. Or maybe somewhere else. But I don't think the "one day battle of Gettysburg" would have decided the war even if Lee wins it.

Don't know why I had to throw that out there, but out there it is.


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