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 Posted: Sat Aug 23rd, 2008 02:45 am
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First - great thread. But I wonder if we're just having a problem of semantics here. There are multiple definitions of audacious:

1) invulnerable to fear or intimidation;

2) unrestrained by convention or propriety;

3) disposed to venture or take risks.

5fish, looking back a few posts, you say: "for one is audacious if one wins if not then just foolish...". It's there I tend to disagree, as I see that as redefining the definition of audacious. It seems that perhaps you are not questioning whether Lee was audacious, but rather the wisdom of the audaciousness. The results of any of the three definitions above can certainly be defeat. And even if you deny Lee #1 and #2, I don't see how #3 doesn't apply. Keep up the banter....enjoying it.

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