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 Posted: Sat Aug 23rd, 2008 03:56 pm
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By 1864 the Confederate armies were slowing becoming disheveled and slowing losing their ability to fight. If you look at it by Dec. 1864 both the confederate armies had lost their ability to function well and put up a fight. By the end of the Summer 1864 the union armies had passed the confederate armies in all area in which an army are graded on. Leadership the union armies were now led by competent men at all levels while the confederate army leadership was lacking throughout the command chain. Union army had superior weapons and more of it and the list goes on.

If Lee had walk into the command of the AoNV march of 1864 instead of in 1862, the army was in no shape to he give him any daring victories. The army was lucky to hold its own using dirt walls and breastworks. Lee would only be remembered for the surrender of the army and no more..He lucky he had two years before to make a name for himself..

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