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 Posted: Sat Aug 23rd, 2008 06:21 pm
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Is not the only questions about the Battle of Franklin is: What should Hood have done and what were his options?

If one looks at it. He has a short amount of time to decide which course of action should be taken.

Schofield's army was trapped in Franklin with their backs against a a swollen river but would soon be crossing before long.

Hood has watched as this army of Schofield's has been running from him in a panic so Hood being aggressive by nature most likely thinking his opponent is already beat just needs in good push and victory.

The entrenchment have this huge hole right through the middle caused by the Columbia pike. It looks like a weak point that Hood can exploit. Plus, there and argument how imposing the entrenchment really were around Franklin.

He must attack because if Schofield crosses the river and reaches Thomas then he will be back facing an opponent with a 2 to 1 against him in the numbers.

Option: If he tries to flank Schofield it will take time and Schofield will most likely be across the river well on his way to Nashville. Game over for Hood.

Option: There is the big hole in the middle of Schofield breastworks. Now! In front of Hood is an beaten opponent running in panic with what looks like an opportunity to catch and push Schofield's army into the river. One massive attack up that road against an opponent who's spirit to fight is broken. Just one good push and victory..

One came break down the battle and show went wrong but can someone show what else Hood should have done or what other options he had to chose from. Grant order the Cold harbor attack because he thought Lee's army spirit to fight was broken because of North Anna. We do not call Grant reckless but we call Hood reckless. Why because Grant went on to win and Hood went on to defeat..

Grant even said "just one more push" the war would be over....

Thinking its all about W's....... 






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