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 Posted: Sun Aug 24th, 2008 07:56 pm
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This is usual to find  someone to a have similar views of the 1850's on a board. I will admit your posts were insightful to me.

I see the self interest of the Slave lords in the 1850's  using what ever argument support their valued institution of slavery. Which leads to their argument that the Civil war was about "States Rights" instead of "slavery" rings false, if one looks at their action during the 1850's. Their action in the 1850's was about protecting and expanding slavery.

I have never see this fear the Slave lords had of slaves sneaking off into the Free states. I always wonder what the figures were of slaves escaping into free states. I bet the figure is less then 1%of the total slave population. I bet cost could have been easily absorbed by the Slave lords.

The Compromise of 1850 with the Fugitive Slave act to me is the cornerstone of our Civil war.

The Fugitive Slave act with poor leadership from the 1850's presidents led to the radicalism of the north.

As the south was radicalized around slavery and north became radicalized around the abolition slavery in the 1850's. After tens years of kindling, it did take much to send our nation into a civil war .






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