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 Posted: Mon Aug 25th, 2008 01:47 am
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"Grant is not label reckless but is called a Butcher by some but the point is that Grant's reasoning at Cold Harbor was similar to Hood's reasoning at Franklin. Cold Harbor is only a blemish on Grant's record but Franklin is a steak through Hood's record damming him for life."

Lee's army was weaker at Cold Harbor compared to the beginning of the campaign. The same is not true of Schofield's army. The Confederacy was at a disadvantage in manpower and Hood couldn't just throw his men away like they are plastic soldiers. He had to be more clever than his enemy.

"You may want to bring up Spring Hill but that is a side tracking from my original questions."

Hood showed a reckless and careless management style at Spring Hill so it's no surprise he would make the choice he did at Franklin.

"Spring Hill is another discuss about when is it the proper time to consume adult beverages."

I don't understand what you are saying here.

"What's this point about blaming others? Hood throws blame around rightfully or wrongly at his subordinates so that is his management style. Hood was the commander of the Army and in the end he took blame and resigned his command after Nashville."

This was a contributing factor to the woeful management of the army.

"Iron neither one or anyone else has answered my questions so maybe Hood was more then justify in his actions at Franklin after all....."

To quote Napoleon:

Maxim XVI. It is an approved maxim in war, never to do what the enemy wishes you to do, for this reason alone, that he desires it. A field of battle, therefore, which he has previously studied and reconnoitered, should be avoided, and double care should be taken where he has had time to fortify and entrench. One consequence deducible from this principle is, never to attack a position in front which you can gain by turning.

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