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 Posted: Tue Aug 26th, 2008 04:10 pm
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  Mr. Lincoln did provoke the southerners into war, but not in the way you describe.

  First of all, he did not instigate secession by anything he did, but simply by being elected. Seven states seceded before his inauguration. It can be argued that others like VA were provoked to go out after his inauguration, but this was due to Mr. Lincoln's aggressive actions, not his weakness.

  As I've said before, the : "fires of insurrection" were ignited long before anyone ever heard of Mr. Lincoln. The lid was kept on the pot all along by compromises between north and south. The expansion of the country and the south seeing itself being surrounded led to the end of possible compromises and to the war.

  If your theory that it took a weak president to inspire secession was correct, then the southerners would have seceded long before 1860, as there were many weak presidents before then. You yourself said earlier that presidents of the 1850s were weak appeasers. If that was what it took, then there would have been no reason to delay secession. That argument defeats itself.

  The situation in the country in 1794 ( a protest over a tax) or in 1832 (a dispute over what level of authority was the final authority when it came to laws) was far different from 1860. If the country had remained the original 13 colonies, and the Constitution never changed, then there would have been no war.

  To compare the southerners to Hitler is truly absurd. Hitler was into attacking and conquering sovereign nations. You quoted Mr. Lincoln's first inaugural address. Here is something from that of Mr. Davis: "We propose no invasion of the north, no attack on them, and only ask to be left alone." The southerners were not trying to conquer the north, only to leave it.

  You like to : "ague" a lot, but your portrayal of Mr. Lincoln as weak is in itself very weak. The southerners saw him as someone  who would NOT compromise, as someone they could not deal with. Rightly or wrongly, they felt that his election forced their hand.

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