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 Posted: Tue Aug 26th, 2008 09:07 pm
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Lincoln look like to the insurrection leaders as another weak person as President. The insurrection leaders had eight years of waffling Presidents that had always appeased them. By the time Lincoln came to office, they had been given their cake with compromise after compromise that almost always favor them. Now they just didn't want their cake but eat it as well...

Lincoln this country lawyer in his inauguration speech of appeasement only play to the insurrection leaders belief they were dealing with a weak person as President. His inauguration speech just fanned the flames of insurrection instead of dosing the flames of rebellion.

If Lincoln in his inauguration speech had denounced the insurrection as illegal and that whatever force was needed to end the insurrection and preserve the union. That he would not allow our Forefathers dream be squished by self seeking Slave Lords. if he had invoke the image of Washington and Jackson and how they resolved the issue of insurrection. I bet many of the insurrection leaders would have had second thoughts about seceding from the union.

Lincoln tried appeasement first with the insurrection leaders but in the end he had to use the fist of justice to bring the insurrection to a awful close....The same way the world had to use the fist of justice on Hitler....





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