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 Posted: Wed Aug 27th, 2008 12:24 am
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Hogwash!! You must really think the people behind the insurrection were noble like our founding Fathers. They were not inciting an insurrection not because of some noble ideals but to protect their wealth form slavery.

They do you think Jackson and Taylor were able to back them down with the stick when they were Presidents. It was those appeasing 1850's presidents that nurture the insurrection with appeasement. Its like a child if you do not give a child limits they become out of control.

If Lincoln had set the limits in his inauguration speech those so called noble Slave Lords would have understood their were limits and soon have gotten in line. I believe these leaders of the insurrection were just children gone wild not noble indidviduals.

In the end most lost their wealth because of their behavior......Out of control children soon or later do get punish and limits set for them...









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