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 Posted: Sun Jul 9th, 2006 08:33 pm
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You wrote
Oh, please...If you are merely going to cut and paste from, I can just read it there, if I were so inclined...

You are now asking about what you are calling "3 snippets", which are three historical events. First you imply that my whole post is from, now you say three snippets. These historical events are neither my words, Adam's, Neely's, or Dieteman's they are events you can find in any number of places.

But, for amusement; you can find the Taney reference in the Adam's book and the Neely book the Maryland arrests. Marshall is in "Give Me Liberty vol 1" page 261 by Eric Foner. Taney is also in the Maryland records as ExParte Merryman 17 F. Case 144 C.C.D. Maryland 1861a matter of public record. Marshall ruling is 5 U.S. 137 also a matter of public record. While there is no public number attached to the Maryland arrest it also is well documented.

Again this are historical events, nothing more nothing less, I was only give burnsideshot an answer to his question not giving my opinion. Now you answer my question you seem unwilling to. Are the historical facts correct? You seem to imply that they are not so, your expert rebuffing of them would be of interest and make you one of the great historians of all-time.

Have fun


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