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 Posted: Sun Jul 9th, 2006 09:11 pm
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Tom and Nicolette,

Your replies are exactly what my point to burnsideshot is. People of the North have a way of bending the truth. I am as a Northener embarrassed at times by this.

My point about the slaves was that the North contends they were much better off than before slavery, which the only had it marginal better, if you listen to the North they had everything they wanted.

The suspension of habeas corpus in Maryland occurred on rumors that Maryland might leave the Union with no firm proof. In the case you cite Maryland was neither in rebellion or under invasion making this a moot arguement for Lincoln doing it legally.

The North teached that Lincoln freed the slaves, he did not. You sugarcoat it by saying the Emancipation Proclamation "paved the way for the freedom of millions",what paved the way for this was the North winning the war and during its' assmilation of the conquered territory forcing the former state to accept the 13th Amendment to be back in the Union.

I have read Lincoln, "The Language of Liberty, The Political Speeches and Writings of Abraham Lincoln" by Joseph R. Fornieri and find he change his opinion depending on his political needs. If you wish to start another thread on this I will gladly elabortate.

The point about Grant and Lee owning slaves is that the North wanted to end slavery then what was their lead general doing with slaves, I know his wifes slave, in the family. As for Lee, his were willed to him and according to the will were to be freed in five years or 1862. He was bound by the terms of the will.

I agree that there is plenty of source regarding all of this. But the question was the source of the Southern bitterness. A good part of it is the North postiton of having no evil and making Lincoln god like.

I have not even mentioned the rebel battle flag.

If the North would just admit the shortcoming and not sugarcoat them, while putting down the South maybe the South could giveup it fight.

You both have fine points and I am only playing devils advocate here. I mean no disrepect, in fact I agree with many of your point. Particularly the education and understanding parts. It is time for both side to let it become part of history and not a continuing war.


Shadowrebel (John)

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