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 Posted: Wed Aug 27th, 2008 03:09 pm
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Have you read the opening accounts of the governors with their secret letters asking each other if they wanted to seceded. Not one of the original seven states that secede did it through a popular vote because they knew in an election the chance of the people voting for secession was poor. Secession was in truth a power play by the oligarchy of wealth in the south. The Resurrection leaders seceded not about an injustice by for money and power.

I am form the south born and raised but I do not give my southern forefathers a pass on slavery. What I know is the slave loving south knew slavery was an affront to moral truth. I will not give a pass to forefathers that knowingly treated or supported this inhuman treatment of a fellow man.  

I will admit I am taken back after the confederacy fired the first shoots at Ft Sumter and Lincoln calls not the troops more states secede over that action. United States was attacked and you run over to the bad guys side instead of fighting for one's country. the action by those southern states after Ft. Sumter has always puzzled me.

I like good banter that why I repeat yourself for within good banter truth will emerge like in Warp10 post. Many do believe Lincoln was aiming his speech at the border states. It may have been the right tone to take for a hard military line may not have worked for a lawyer from the back woods. I admit the Presidents that drew lines in the sand with secession were X-Generals.

Lincoln may have know that the south had to fire the first shoot before he could bring the fist of Justice down upon the insurrection. President Davis gave Lincoln a gift when he order the attack on Ft. Sumter. It rally the north against secession and allowed him use the military option with full support of the north.

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