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 Posted: Mon Jul 10th, 2006 03:32 pm
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Alright, I have been watching this post now for answers, and I like the response.  Actually, I am fairly new to the whole civil war study and that is why my question was so basic.  First, let me say while the original intent was not to stir anything up, I am seeing a lot of passion.  I think a lot comes out when people have differing opinions.  I really appreciate all the feedback on my questions.

To clarify, you are both right.  My question was 2 fold.  I'm starting to understand better about both the slavery issue and why the South seems bitter in saying that the North is rewriting history.  Those were my 2 questions.  I became interested when I read after learning how wonderful Lincoln was my whole life, that his motives were very different than what I had understood them to be.  I learned this while living in the South.  I'm not Lincoln bashing, but I was a little disappointed.  The threads posted in reply demonstrate this fact.  Afterall, I guess we cannot assume that Lincoln would have been anything over the career politicians we still see today.  I have heard that the 1864 presidential campaign was just as mudslinging and rough as todays campaigns are.  I found that interesting too.  I am upset at never being taught that Lincoln imprisoned those that disagreed with him.  I am starting to feel as though I was cheated by the Northern education system on this one topic.  Perhaps these steps were necessary, or perhaps, they were authoritarian.  I don't even care.  I just want the facts. 

Is it true that Lincoln originally just wanted to end the expansion of slavery as we are taught, and then as things progressed, it became evident the only solution was to make the war about slavery and end up ending it nation-wide upon reunion of the states? 

I am interested that it seems from the posts that the South, if bitter at all, is more bitter by principle than pride.  Originally, I thought they they still couldn't get over the blow...the loss.  I look at America, and I see a VERY patriotic South.  The North is looking more like it is going against the traditions of America now.  And of course, I am a Northerner...and a patriotic one, so I am by no means lumping everyone together.  Thank you everyone for your posts.  They are most informative.  I'm posting another topic later that I'm interested in hearing responses to as well. It is general again and will either be posted under the battles and campaign section or this one.  It involves Sherman and I have been curious about it for a LONG TIME!  Thanks


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