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 Posted: Mon Jul 10th, 2006 05:42 pm
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A topic of interest for me is one that has been talked over and over for a long time.  Here is my understanding, very brief and basically.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  In 1863, the Lieber Code was formed to give guidelines on soldier conduct in war time.  This Code was not accepted in international form until well after the Civil War was decided (maybe around 1870 or so?  (Technically, the CSA was from 61-65 it's own nation implying international status.)  I know it was before Lieber died in '71).  If this is accurate, there is no way that the South can argue that Sherman should have been brought up on war crime charges.  Furthermore, it is my understanding that Sherman did give the Southern people in the cities he went through adequate notice to evacuate.  That is far more generous than he had to be under the laws of the time.  It is a topic that the South is still uptight about and I am trying to understand why.  Technically, Sherman did nothing wrong.  Any opinions?

Thanks - Jessie

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