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 Posted: Fri Aug 29th, 2008 03:18 am
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What of Grant?

If you read his reports he does not praise Prentiss at all or even mention the Hornets nest. He mention that Prentiss did not fall back and was flank and capture and that is about it.

If you read his memoirs he again does not even bring up Prentiss.

History see Prentiss as this hero but his commander does not even acknowledge his roll in the battle. How could there be this disparity between these men and with history. Who's recollections of the battle is more true?

Grant praises Sherman well beyond his roll in the battle while Prentiss as not acknowledge. I think the battle Grant saw is a different battle acknowledge by history if one thinks of Prentiss and Wallace story.

The famous Grant line to Prentiss "hold at all Hazard" would you not think Grant would have talked about that in at least his memoirs, he didn't.

Am I just looking for trouble where there is no problem...





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