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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2008 03:41 am
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Maybe some day it all won't matter. I don't care for hyphens. They're confusing and I cringe every time our media uses them.
Why would I care if Obama is an African-American? Why would I care if Palin is a woman? Can they "do the J-O-B?"
There is nothing wrong with knowing one's ethnic roots. It tends to give a sense of self or history. What I like to hear about is what my family was like, not what nationality they were.
Mt Great Granduncle Jack, aka the "Cap'n", once shot his old tractor because it kept stalling out on him. That means more and explains much more to me than knowing his/my ethnic roots. Or maybe the fact that my Aunt Tazer, his wife, could throw the best fastball in Gloucester County back in the 1930's.
THAT is the stuff I'm made of (and much more)!!!

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