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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2008 01:48 pm
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Reb till death

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Hey Dixie I guess we aint the yougest ones around anymore.:)

Hey, first things first I am assumeing by your username that yer a reb like me so here goes. The youngest in my reenactment group is a drummer he is a little older than you.  There are also bending on what type of unit you join powdermonkeies around you age as well. Well cost wise can be pretty high. For everything altogether it can cost $1,000 dolars a up. It just depends on where you buy yer stuff at. Dont by at a Tent suttler at a reenactment they tend to be over priced and very low grade stuff. You dont need to buy everything at once just what you need right off. Keep and eye out on sales and stuff at sutlers on the internet or at a Store sutler. You can find really good quality stuff for a lesser price. Also look at ebay from time to time but becareful somethings arent as good as they seem. Oh and welcome to CWI. 

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