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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2008 02:59 pm
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britain would never support a Confederacy that meant to preserve slavery. they could have quite easily opened enough ports had the Conf. leadership/congress began some measures to end the peculiar institution.

but without british support (ship-building + armament supply) the South would not have persisted as long as it did.

i agree given that the South intended to go it alone, only a revolutionary modeled pronlonged resistance (defensive oriented strategy) could have endured Winfield's Scotts anaconda plan and northern industry. as capt crow says this more flexible and conservative method may have been used to free vicksburg or later that fall to take and hold chattanooga....

every significant northern invasion ended poorly for the South. AoT at Perryville, AoNV Antietam/Gettysburg, AoTM west port/mine creek, Morgan in Ohio. While in some cases time was bought or supplies gained or made useless to the north, overall these initiatives greatly depleted precious resources and in most cases were conducted at the expense of campaigns elsewhere.

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