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 Posted: Tue Jul 11th, 2006 03:50 am
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To the victor goes the spoils.  As southerners, we are completely aware of the reasons we lost the war.  Personally, I feel that we do not disagree with why the war was lost.  We lost and we all know that and that to me, is not the area for a bitter taste to form.  Where the area of friction lies, is within in the cause.  The reasons our ancestors enlisted has become a topic of controversy.  Basically, we cannot show pride in our military heritage like those of the north.  If we do, we find ourselves the victims of ridicule (racist, pro-slavery, etc) and we immediately become supporters of slavery.  Slavery is one of the most misunderstood topics in American history and as a result, we suffer.  Reasons for losing the war has not been rewritten.  The reasons for fighting, the right of secession, consent of the governed, and the history of slavery, fireeaters, and radical abolitionism has been allowed to be written off by the victors.  It would be the same if Great Britian crushed the rebellion of 1775 and they would have written their version of the story.  I think I'm correct in saying their version would be slightly different from the American version.  And rightfully so.  They are going to put their version in good light (not saying it is not), or in a way that allows them to justify their cause.  I do not think the Union would try and justify the Southern cause after victory.  It is simply a matter of justifying so much death, destruction, and bloodshed.  We as southerners try to do the same, it just does not work out for us very well.  Our cause gets pushed away because if we were to somehow justify our cause to the public, what would that mean for the Northern cause.  It would be moot.  I hope this made sense.  To the victor goes the spoils.

-Jake Todd

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