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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2008 07:01 pm
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44th VA INF wrote: I  do think victory at Gettsyburg was possible but soe things that contribute to the confedrate loss was that Lee was used to ishuing genrals orders to his comanders and having them make up the details  and Genral ewell and Genral hill who were both excelent division commanders were not use to this.There's no question that since the AoNV had been recently re-organized, with newly appointed corps leaders, that command and control was not as it should have been for Lee. That being said, it only further reinforces the argument against a nothern thrust to begin with. Instead of saving Vicksburg(thus keeping the South intact) they go north, get beaten, and by July 4th have been dealt a 1-2 knockout punch from which they never fully recover. The Gettysburg campaign, while being fascinating to study and dramatic in it's conclusion, was a form of folly the Conferacy could ill afford.
Even if Lee wins at Gettysburg there is no guaranty that he would have had the means neccessary to invest the defences at Washington. So the best that could have come from this invasion was a  major strategic loss at Vicksburg coupled with a very costly tactical victory in my estimation that's a formula that doesn't favor ultimate victory for the South.

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