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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2008 10:53 pm
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I understand, Ole, but the amount of desperation that Lee (justifiably) felt cannot be overstated. Nor, probably, can the amount of confidence he had in his army.

So it almost becomes two separate questions. The first is: should he have invaded the North at all, and if you feel that he had valid reason for doing so, the next q is, once the chips were falling into place, and he knew the Union occuppied the high ground, should he have pressed the attack anyway, as he did.

You've got to think, any surprise advantage he'd gained by his brilliant march up the Shenandoah had to be nullified by the fact that he didn't know where THEY were, either. We all know that Jeb was not around to keep Lee abreast of the AoP's whereabouts. Once there, the attacks Lee ordered on the flanks, which were supposed to be simultaneous, did not go off as planned (did Pete drag his feet?). Was Ewell hesitant, as the movie indicates, or were his men just dog-tired by that point? Was it the plan or the execution? Lee probably believes that if his plan had been carried out correctly he'd have rolled both flanks.

Day 3, Anderson, (did I spell that right?) one of the best artillery men on either side, can't gauge his bombardment and make adjustments, partly because of the smoke, but mostly because when you're shooting uphill you have no way of knowing how much you're over-shooting. So the bombardment's effect is minimal, and Pickett has no cover on a mile+ march into the teeth of the union line. With a fence thrown in 2/3 of the way up for good measure.

On the other hand, Lee knows resources are limited, he knows the war in the west is not going nearly as well. He decides to go up the middle, and they actually breach the line, but are unable to sustain.

So lets say you're Lee, and Day 2 has come and gone with the Union still entrenched on the heights. What would you have done?

Sorry I got long winded. I enjoy these discussions with you boys.


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