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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2008 11:36 pm
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I posted This fourm because i find the topic interesting what would have become of the confedracyif they had won the american civil war . My personal oppian is that the CSA would develop in to a very powerful nation it coul bite chunks of western territory  out of the north as a price for brininging on the war and A confedrate Victorie would shurel cause the states of Mossari and Kentucky to join the confedracy And possiblie even maryland and i also thinlk that the union would greatly weeknd from the cost of the war and loseing large amount of territori thus letting the CSA develop Over the later part of the century and could continue to gain strenght in to the 20th centraly.  I have read a Intersting trilogy of novels written by harry turtledove that explains alot about this subject

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