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 Posted: Sun Aug 31st, 2008 01:26 am
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For over a 100 years our country has debated on why it went to war with its self many have debated on wat the causes of the war were many in the south said the was an attack on tradion and hertiage while otheres say the war was thought to for state rights other have said that the south was not going to let a tyrant in washington rule since they did not let a king london rule them

I am in 7th grade and we will be studing the war later in the year I have read over that section already and have noticed many mistakes in the book wkhich i find insulting to cause on how it focues on very on the earlie years of the war it basically go staright to uion victories in the kater years of the war they also say tht battle of sharps burg ''Atimean'' was a uion victorie it also exolains little on why we thought i manly starts about the slavery debate in the western terrtiories i bearly talk on how are rights as staes as were called in to question.


My Teache knows how i have a passion for studing the war and has asked me if i would like to teach part of the lesson i would like to use my own books and knowlge rater than that book well i would like to here ya thoughts on what i should do

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