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 Posted: Sun Aug 31st, 2008 01:54 am
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Good shootin' Ole. I can see you ain't just another pretty face.

Marching up the other side of the mountain range, unbeknownst to the AoP, whose leadership is in flux, up the Shenandoah among rebel sympathizers pretty much the whole way, is a much different animal than just 'sliding around' Meade. Now Meade knows he's there, and every move will be scouted and countered. If we concede that argument, Lee had no choice but to take the fight to Meade.

He couldn't very well sit and watch and live off the Pa. countryside, like Hannibal did for 16 years in Rome, not while the western campaign was going badly and the harbors were blockaded. The north had all the manufacturing. Even the railroads in the north were better. Lee was looking for shoes, for cryin out loud.

As you say, Lee to that point had already befuddled all the previous union commanders by being bold and brash in the face of their indecision and hesitance. And, OK, incompetence.

So, if we continue this discussion, what should he have decided going into Day 3?

Should he have pounded away at the flanks, which he was aware were being strengthened through out the night?

Or do we wind up deciding that Pickett's charge was his only real viable option, after all?

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