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 Posted: Tue Jul 11th, 2006 03:23 pm
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burnsideshot wrote: Jake,

I agree with you.  Of course Northerners have told their story as victors and in part due to slavery, Southerners have not  had that opportunity.  In essence, slavery has given the South a bad name.  I think this is ridiculous personally.  While yes, slavery may not be right, at one point, it probably was quite necessary.  Without it, who knows what would have happened to the mainly agricultural South of the time.  What I didn't realize until college was how small of a percentage of Southerners actually owned slaves. 
That can be a misleading statistic...The interesting thing is how few people had title to slaves (usually only one per family) but how very *many* people were members of  slave-owning familes (and families of slave-owners tended to be larger). Think of how many people *own* a home and how many live there.HankC

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