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 Posted: Sun Aug 31st, 2008 03:10 am
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Great question, Pam. I've always felt that we're all "students" when it comes to learning about the war, no matter our age or experience level. We go back and forth between being 'students' and being 'teachers,' as you suggest.

Not sure your question is something I could answer with just one thing. I'd have to think about it some. I'm inclined to answer, that the war was caused by slavery, which I absolutely believe. But the subject of slavery, and the way it brought about the war, is so involved, that just saying "slavery did it" doesn't adequately explain things. You really need to delve into the details, and that's a twisty-turny maze if ever there was one.

I guess that's not really a southern perspective though. :) But if I can think of an answer that I like better, I'll post it. Best of luck with your class.


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