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 Posted: Sun Aug 31st, 2008 03:36 am
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I would tell them that the ACW, like any period of history, isn't always what it appears to be at first glance. Much of it can't really be understood or appreciated until you are older. Much of it is shrouded in simplicity and romanticism. It is an extremely complex event of American History.

If you want to get a true understanding of history you need to read multiple sources even if you don't agree with a particular thesis.

Finally, teachers need to start adding flesh and bones to historical figures.  For example, most people don't care about the campaigns of George Washington.  To them these are just dry dates and facts.  Teach them what kind of man he was.  Tell them that he was a reserved man who possessed incredible bravery, loved to play cards, and could curse like a sailor if need be.  This is why people love fictional characters from books and movies.  They seem real and can identify with them.  There's a reason why biographies are the most popular form of historical text.

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