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 Posted: Sun Aug 31st, 2008 04:16 am
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Consider that the original Confederacy would be very unlikely to remain intact from 1865 until today. The precedent of secession would have been established fact, and the Confederacy could hardly deny the same right to a state that decided to declare itself no longer a member.

Odds are the same would have been true for what remained of the United States. If the southern states are successful in their attempt to secede, then the chances of more states leaving the Union are excellent.

The result? Find a map of Europe, or of the Balkans, and I think you'll see the likely result. Instead of the current single, powerful nation that actually exists, we'd be a series of smaller, weaker individual countries. Probably not 48 of them, but certainly not just one or two.

The Confederacy "bite chunks" of western territories away from the North as punishment for the war? How are they going to do this without starting another war? They cannot simply walk out there and say, "this is ours," and that's that. But it does raise an interesting question, and that is, what becomes of the western territories in the event of a Confederate victory in the war?

But the idea of a modern-day Confederacy as a large, powerful nation? Perhaps. But I rather doubt it. In fact, I rather doubt the Confederacy that existed in the 1860's would still exist as such today. And changing the outcome of the war changes more than just the map and history of the current United States. It changes the history of the entire world. What we don't know is exactly how. But it would have happened. I realize there are books out there that depict a warm and fuzzy future following a Confederate victory in the war. It's a nice idea, but does not conform to how the real world tends to work.


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