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The numbers concerning slavery in the southern sates can indeed be confusing when considering the number of families that owned slaves or the number of people within the family that owned slaves. The fact is that almost 70% of all southern families did not own any slaves. According to the census of 1860 30.8% of all southern families owned at least one slave. Most were indeed owners of only a few. Approx. 75,000 families owned 1 slave, and nearly 140,000 families owned 2 to 5. There were only 15 people in the entire country that owned over 500 slaves (and 8 were in South Carolina). The highest concentration of slaves in the country was in Issaquena County, Mississippi where 115 owners held 7, 244 slaves (92.5 % of the population in that county was slave!) though the highest county population was Charleston County, S.C. with 37, 290. The highest number of slaves for an individual state was Mississippi where 436,631 were in bondage.



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