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 Posted: Sun Aug 31st, 2008 06:14 am
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i found thta secnario intersting but the western territories forming there own nation is unlikely due to the fact that one nation of the 2 nations would grab them up

Which territory? How would they be grabbed up? When? Under what circumstances? How would one side get them without the other side putting up a fight? Is there a negotiated agreement between the two countries that divides the territories? What about the folks already living in out there? Do they get a say?

What about England and France? Do you not think a fractured United States is going to interest them in trying to re-establish a presence on the North American Continent? How is the new Confederacy going to respond? Align themselves with the United States to show a solid front?

Is the Confederacy, or the U.S., going to be strong enough to "grab" the far western reaches of the continent? Present-day California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, etc...what happens to these areas? Do the people in the territories align themselves with the United States? The Confederate States? England? France? Spain? Each other?

How do we know? How do we know what would have happened to any of the territories? How can we say for sure that we know what would have happened?

That's really my point. If the Confederacy succeeds in their effort to create a new country, it changes the entire dynamic of how history, or rather the future, is going to unfold. That is an absolute certainty. Absolute. Everything is up in the air. The only thing we can't be certain of is the details. The western territories might have simply wound up in one or the other of the existing countries - U.S. or C.S. - but that is far, far, from certain. And in my opinion, very unlikely.


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