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 Posted: Tue Jul 11th, 2006 04:46 pm
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Maybe in many minds, you are right.  I'm sure in many minds you are, but at the time this seems as though it was a perfectly legit thing to carry out.  No international laws that I have found in my research thus far have shown regulation on this sort of thing. I have heard several different arguments about who ordered Sherman and his men on their destruction rampage.  They fluctuate between direct orders from Lincoln, Grant and some suggest it was Sherman's own idea.  Given that Sherman is credited with being the "father of modern warfare" makes me wonder if in fact he is.  Regardless, he did help facilitate and end to the war, so he can't be that bad :P  As far as the rapes, attacks etc (which of course Sherman nor anyone else ordered as far as we know)...we will never know what truly happened with that.  Stories tend to get worse and worse  and increasingly exaggerated over time especially from the mouths of those who are angry and hurt. No?  I'm not in denial though, everything could have happened just how it is stated.  I love hearing opinions and theories and facts.  Thanks Albert!

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