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 Posted: Tue Jul 11th, 2006 05:19 pm
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I just finished reading "River Run Red" which is about Ft. Pillow. In the book, there are several quotes from soldiers, officers, etc. regarding "the rules of civilized warefare". I should think that these "rules" were unwritten; that they were simply common practice or "agreements" as it were (for example, the use of land mines was considered "ungentlemanly"). In any event, I wonder how these "rules" would apply to Sherman??

Unfortunately, I cannot quote the source (as I have forgotten) but I beleive that I read somewhere (or maybe heard a quote on Ken Burns' "The Civil War" series) that Sherman approved the stealing of personal property (or, at the very least, he turned a blind eye to it) and certainly the destruction of personal property, during the March to the Sea.

As to your statement about the things Sherman did to facilitate the end of the war, I agree....he did facilitate the end, but at what cost? Rape, robbery, murder, depriving citizens of food....I think he did more to deepen the hatred of Yankees and Union than anything. His destruction has kept the wounds of the Civil War open even today, so , yes, he is that bad.  Gen. Grant is not nearly as hated today as Gen. Sherman is.


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