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 Posted: Tue Jul 11th, 2006 07:07 pm
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HAHA...yeah, ok,  you make some good points.  I also intentionally left out any anti-Sherman speak.  I admire the man to be honest.  He knew what he had to do would be unpopular as reflected in letters to his family, yet, he felt it needed to be done for the good of the nation (presumably) and he did it.  I heard he had deep affections for the South having lived in LA.  Anyway, I agree that it depends what side you stand on. 

I'll just throw this in.  I admire RE Lee.  Man of good sound moral character and maybe one of the biggest reasons the entire South didn't fall apart further after the war.  Definitely I would never think of him as a traitor, though having Northern bias.  It's amazing that he still sets an example and is a role model for many 130+ years after his death.  IMPRESSIVE if you ask me!

Thanks for your comments - Jessie

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