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 Posted: Mon Sep 1st, 2008 05:52 am
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Alright enough.

5fish, you do seem to seem to have a great desire to simply agitate for the sake of agitating. You make blanket statements rarely backed up with sources - just that it's your opinion. It's fine to play Devil's Advocate or just be contrarian, but you have to have hard facts to back those opinions up if chalenged. You also seem to expect a level of respect for holding those opinions that you don't seem willing to  give others.

I'm going to give a piece of advice to all our newer members -   young and old. Try being a caboose before trying to be the locomotive. Listen as much as you talk. And when you talk do it with the respect  ( and care) you expect from others.

Right now, I'm fed up and that's really not good.

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