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 Posted: Tue Sep 2nd, 2008 05:00 am
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Interesting ideas from all.  Pam since I have retired I work at a Civil War site as a docent one day a week.  One of the things we do is go to one of the middle schools in the Los Angeles area where a history teacher has put together a Civil War day.  He invites reenactors to come to the school for the day.  Some times they are the Sons of Union Veterans, the Civilians from a local reenactment group, a doctor , a surgeon who sets up camp with all his tools, Sons of Confederate Vets, a member of the Cal 100 band who brings his instruments.  We go as the Drum Barracks with displays of some of the thing we have in our museum that relate to things that happened first during the Civil War. 

The kids come out to visit us in classes with a questionaire.  We all chat with them and explain what they are seeing .  It is a very successful day.  Maybe you can get some local reenactors to come to your school and put something like this together?

I think what Bama said is true,  The kids need to know that there are two sides and both were Americans that thought they were doing what for them was right.  We can't judge them with 21st century values.  Or as they are doing at some Visitors centers presenting the Civil War from four sides.  North, South, Slave , and Civilian.

Hope our suggestions help.


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