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 Posted: Tue Sep 2nd, 2008 03:13 pm
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Oregon has Boring and Drain.  In California there is a sign on interstate 40 out in the middle of the Mohave Desert that says I believe XXXZ I tried to find it on my map but it doesn't show.  It is a power station off ramp Always look for that sign.

Washington has Cape Disappointment where Lewis and Clark orginally were going to spend the winter but decided on the Oregon side of the Columbia instead. 

Idaho has Fourth of July Pass .  Guess what day the orignal explorers came through there.

California has Earlimart and Coalinga   They are on the railroad line north south.  First one is Early Market put together the second is Coaling Station A . 

I always liked Weed Patch near Bakersfield.  Just where I would like to live , not. 

Then there is my favorite pass on 101 in California near San Luis Obispo  La Cuesta Grade.  Now since La Cuesta means grade , it is the Grade Grade. 


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