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 Posted: Wed Sep 3rd, 2008 12:29 am
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Thanks, everyone, for your ideas. Again, you've been a terrific help, especially since you gave me a lot of different angles to view this from--as always!

I like the "rope" analogy a lot. I may have to "borrow" that one, Crazy.

Susan, you are doing exactly what I'd like to be doing when I retire from teaching, so I'm jealous. But the idea of having local reenactors (military and civilian) come out to school, suggested by you and hinted at by others is one I've toyed with for years now--I'm just not sure where to start, or if my district would foot the bill. I guess it can't hurt to ask! But I too think that that chance to immerse the kids, even for a day, in soldier/civilian life would be priceless.

I am a true believer in less talking by the teacher, more research and doing by the students, and have been for all my teaching life, so that was a suggestion that I actually do on an everyday basis. There's nothing like seeing the lightbulb come on for a student of mine when he/she has turned it on him/herself--way better than if I did it for them. To see that happen in relation to the CW would be the absolute best!


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