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 Posted: Wed Sep 3rd, 2008 05:39 am
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Johnny Yuma the Rebel he wandered the west .  The Rebel was my favorite show .  I had such a crush on Nick Adams.  He actually named his son Jeb Stuart Adams.  There was another show back then called the Americans.  Two brothers one southern one northern.  Didn't last too long on tv but it was also good.  Then was The Gray Ghost about John Mosby.  It only last a year. 

During the Centenial I had my first Civil War dress.  I hat to tell you how many things I could find wrong with it now but I loved it then.  I wore it to a Halloween party and then later used it to be Jo March for an oral book report.  (I even talked three other girls into being the other March girls.) 

See I have always been on the edge of the Civil War , just got totally hooked five years ago. 


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