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 Posted: Wed Sep 3rd, 2008 05:53 am
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Pam the Civil War day we do at the middle school I would think is not too expensive.  All of us that take part do it as volunteers .  We are not paid.  One of the teachers is a member of the Cal 100 so he gets others who reenact to join him.  We come out from the Drum for free .  The only cost that I know of to the school is they buy subway sandwiches for all of us at lunch time and provide cold drinks. 

I am sure there are some other expenses that I don't know about as I just show up in period clothing and help at the Drum booth explaining about things that happened first in the Civil War. 

Contact reenactment groups and Round Tables in your area and see what they have to offer .  We adults all say we had such fun seeing the kids who are mostly first generation US citizens get excited about the things we show them.  One year the Sons of  Union Vets basically had the kids enlist !!!!  They signed up . 

Good luck.


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