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 Posted: Wed Sep 3rd, 2008 12:01 pm
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Strangley enoguh the place I go to school at I am supposedly the only current reenactor going there. I have offered so many times to do something for the civil war and I dont just go in there empty handed ethier I go whith a letter of recconmendation , etc. But every time they turn me down. if the wanna pay me fine buit if not I have no problem with that I evn said to one of the teachers. They said the no. I dont no why they wouldnt tell me. They had a medevile reenactor come in before that and they still wouldnt let, in the end one teacher wanted me to and they let me do for one period. I walked the halls in my Confederate Uniform while people thoguht I was stupid, only a handful of students knew what it was, to think maybe if I had been aloud to do it I could have tought them so they werent so ignorant about the subject.

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