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 Posted: Wed Sep 3rd, 2008 03:13 pm
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Prior to retiring as a State Trooper I did school programs (grade school) through our tropers organization. I did it on my own time as a volunter. It delt primarilly with traffic, bike, and home safety type training. I frequently did joint presentations with DARE.  I was also invited back to do early Ohio history where my wife and I wore appropriate costume and explained the garments and tools (including weapons) and how early settlers lived in an understandable and hands on way. Most teachers and students enjoyed my employment presentation and then my hobby of studying history and re-enactment.

However I was also questioned why I came to school with a weapon. I was there off duty as a representative of the Highway patrol and a weapon was part of my uniform. When I traveled to and from the school I was in uniform and would have responded to any emergency as if on duty. I also eventully was not allowed to bring weapons (flintlock rifle, knife, tomahawk) to show how tools were used.  I also brought draw knifes, froes, mallets, and other hand tools.  All that could be used as a weapon. So I eventually just stopped doing the living history in schools. Shotgun has a good example of the causes of the ACW compared to a wagon wheel. The spookes are the many regional differences ( tarriffs, urban vs. rural, industrial vs. agricultural,states rights vs. central government) held togeather by a wheel rim of slavery.     


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